Linux m68k Meeting 2018


The next m68k Linux / Debian m68k meeting will take place at


1 What to expect:


  • m68k Linux install support (bring your machine(s)!)
  • documentation sprints
  • kernel and driver hacking
  • porting userspace applications
  • meet nice people with interest in m68k Linux
  • free good WIFI
  • nice villa with park
  • good infrastructure for computer nerds

2 Costs:

  • Attendance: free if you bring some kind of m68k hardware that can possibly run m68k Linux, else 20 Euro
  • Single Hotel Room: two nights, 70 Euro (with Breakfast)
  • Double Hotel Room: two nights, 40 Euro (with Breakfast) per Person

3 Lunch / Dinner


  • Lunch: we will order lunch on-demand and pay onsite
  • Dinner: on Friday we will go to a nearby restaurant, on Saturday there will be a barbecue (if the weather premits)

4 Registration

If you want to join the 2018 m68k meeting, please write an email to containing the following information

  • Name
  • Choice of room (none, single, double)
  • special dietary needs (if any)
  • (optional) m68k machines/hardware that you will bring
  • (optional) talk/workshop you would like to give (title, duration)
  • permission to list your name on this website (yes / no)

5 Questions

Feel free to ask any questions about m68k Linux, Debian m68k and the 2018 meeting on the Debian m68k mailinglist:

6 Confirmed Attendees

  • Radim Friedel
  • Stefan Niestegge (Fr/Sa)
  • John Paul Adrian Glaubitz
  • ALeX Kazik
  • Ingo Juergensmann
  • Carsten Strotmann